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Athletic Achievement Tiffany William

Tiffany is a gift of God to Best Tutors, her parents, United Kingdom and rather the whole world as one day she will definitely be a world champion by the grace of God Almighty. She is a very polite, obedient, intelligent, motivated and dedicated child. She is very much different from the normal western children. I am really proud of her and I pray for her greatness and success in future. As most of the athletes are not interested in education as they consider that education is not important as compared to the sports but Tiffany is exceptional as she paid equal attention toward academic side as well and achieved brilliant results in her GCSE and now she is aiming the same for A-Levels and further. She aims to carry on to university to be a bright graduate. I wish all children in Great Britain rather in the whole world should be like her.
Academic Achievements of Tiffany
Maths A
English Literature A
English Language A
Biology A
Physics A
Chemistry B