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Frequently ask questions

Question 1: Where is Best Tutors located?

Answer: Best Tutors is located in Edmonton. The full address is: 1-19 Wakefield Street Edmonton N18 2BZ London United Kingdom

Question 2: How can I contact Best Tutors?

Answer: You can call us, send us an email and visit us at the centre where our staff will be happy to answer your questions. Our contact details are as follows: Tel: 020 8807 4170 E-Mail:

Question 3: Where can I find the map of Best Tutors?

Answer: Best Tutors website contains the "Location Map" link in the "Main Links" section. You can also visit or to research the location and travelling directions to the center.

Question 4: What courses are offered by Best Tutors?

Answer: The institute provides numerous courses comprising Key Stage 1, 2and 3, GCSE and A-Level subjects as well as assistance with the major subject at university level. Following is a brief list of courses available at GCSE and A-Level: GCSE: English Language, English Literature, Science (Physics, Biology, Chemistry), Mathematics, Further Mathematics, Statistics, ICT, Media Studies, Business Studies. A-Level: Mathematics, Additional Mathematics, Chemistry, Biology, Physics, Business Studies, English Language, Literature, ICT, Economics, etc.

Question 5: How many students are currently learning at Best Tutors?

Answer: The number of students attending Best Tutors has grown above five thousand in the recent past and is now approaching a mark of six thousand. Such an impressive number of students speaks volumes about the quality of education which we provide.

Question 6: Is the centre a safe place to study?

Answer: Yes, Best Tutors is safe for students, parents and staff. During operational hours, there are staff members monitoring both the inside and outside of the building.

Question 7: Where can I find centre policies?

Answer: All the policies are in place to facilitate and protect students, parents, staff and the neighbourhood. These policies can be requested by anyone who attends Best Tutors. To request these policies, please email us at

Question 8: How do I apply for admission in Best Tutors?

Answer: In order to be able to enrol with Best Tutors, applicants are required to take a short test in the subject they wish to study. Once the test has been marked, the head of the relevant subject department together with the Head Teacher decide if the applicants have met the centres requirements and, if successful, how many hours of tuition are required for them to achieve their target grades.

Question 9: What is the admission deadline?

Answer: There is no deadline for admission. Admissions remain open throughout the whole academic year.

Question 10: What is the average grade that majority of students achieve at Best Tutors?

Answer: All our students attain pass grades. However, majority of them achieve As and A*s. The number of students who achieve As and A*s is growing rapidly due to increased academic requirements and closer co-operation with highly-qualified teachers.

Question 11: Is the tuition book-based? Are the books available at Best Tutors? How much do they cost?

Answer: The tuition is book-based and books for majority of courses are available at the centre. On average, the books cost £2.00 and can be used later as sources of reference.

Question 12: What days is Best Tutors open?

Answer: Please click on the Contact us Page for full information.