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Our History

As the founder of Best Tutors, I began my journey to make a difference in young people's lives in 1993 by tutoring a single student. Success followed when I realised that there is a great demand for an institute which, in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere, would adopt a unique approach towards teaching. This ambitious objective has lain at the very foundation of Best Tutors. Over the years, Best Tutors has grown and developed into an acknowledged educational institution with over two hundred staff members and an ever-increasing number of students. Currently, the centre provides tuition to more than three thousand students in various subjects comprising English Language and Literature,11+, Science, Mathematics, Media Studies as well as Information and Communication Technologies. Tuition is available at all levels of competence ranging from key Stage One until A-Level. I believe I have provided the local community with a facility that no other community has to offer, a tuition centre that promotes positive values and constitutes a professional learning environment. Best Tutors understand the importance of educational success and aims to encourage students from all social backgrounds to explore their intellectual capacities. The ethnic diversity of our students is consistent with our policy that proclaims equal opportunities in education.

I am proud to present Best Tutors as an institution which has, over the span of two years, achieved results beyond imagination. The centre's highly dedicated staff have worked hard with the aim of generating excellent results. We, at Best Tutors, have developed a unique learning culture in which studying is perceived as the ultimate key to success. Through extra-curricular activities, discipline and organization we aim to instill positive values and practical skills in our students which will enable them to live up to their future challenges, be it during their student lives or prospective careers. I have witnessed numerous students mature over a short period of time with the primary objective of excelling in their studies. We have repetitively recorded a 100% pass rate in all subjects with a substantial increase in the number of students achieving an A* in Mathematics, Science and English. Best Tutors is an established educational hub which has benefited the local community in various ways. It is a versatile institution which employs high-level expertise to cater for students' numerous needs, including social problems. I hope that I have managed to present a fairly comprehensive overview of the services offered by our institute, and I look forward to welcoming you soon at Best Tutors.