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Please find below, poems written by Dr Nazir Ahmed.

1. Make The UK Great
Believe in, give the devil his due,
pay your tax, either it is more or few
Be fair with everyone
do it before you are done
Don't take it as a fun
for goodness, always run
Put The UK above and top
make it motive of every hop
If the UK suffers you can't escape
better be loyal and don't be fake
If it flourishes, you would shine
forget about yours, his or mine
Get united to make it great
worry about the nation's fate
Don't cry for the personal gain
live or die for the country's pain
If it is great, everyone would rejoice
let's promise to sacrifice as a choice
Although it needs a lot of passion
But it will make The UK greatest nation

The Heros of a Nation
The ones who want to make a nation
they should have great motivation
They should be very truthful
before any action, very thoughtful
They should have a very high character
they should not be weak in any sector
Strong character is very important
their dealings should be very competent
For them, sacrifice is a pleasure
investing on nation is a treasure
Good nature and character high
always steadfast in wet or dry
Money and status are not the motive
for the nation they’re always active
Their character is a sample
their life is an excellent example
Such people are extremely rare
in their search the time is in tear
They are awake when others sleep
their actions are extremely deep
A country is lucky to have such a hero
otherwise the nation is completely zero

3. Police
Police in Britain is very fair
At the time of need, they are there
They provide you peace of mind
In a problem or trouble of any kind
They provide you shelter and ease
In any danger or any tease
They are always very kind and polite
They are a blessing in any sight
They are always brave and bold
They are on duty in hot or cold
They save you from any harm
For criminals they are a big alarm
Some think police do discrimination
But I believe they never do favouritism
This is final and absolute clarification
British police can never do discrimination
Many of them sacrifice their lives
They stand like a rock in front of knives
They are awake when others sleep
Indeed they deserve thanks very deep
This is the conclusion, this is the end
Police is always your selfless friend

4. Blessing Of God
God has made this beautiful world
You can't find in it anything absurd.
Everything is up to the point
In the sky, there is not any joint.
For you, He has made lots of food,
Either you are polite or rude.
You must pay Him lots of thanks,
It is better for you, to be frank.
He produced flowers and seeds,
Which are the source of plants and weeds.
He made rivers and canals,
What a beauty of water channels!
It is hard to praise His creations,
There are not any limitations.
He made uncountable creatures,
with strange and beautiful features.

5. Honey the Cat
Honey is a naughty cat,
She likes to kill the rat.
She can see the mice in the dark,
And chases them like a shark.
She puts the mice in a wonder,
As she appears like a thunder.
For them, she is a message of death,
They are unable to take a breath,
Whether the mice are happy or sad,
Her attitude is always bad.
Some times she chases a bird,
Then she appears very absurd.
How can you catch such things,
Who have very strong wings.
Her favourite drink is milk,
Her bed is made of silk.
She likes to sleep on her bed,
Its colour is blue and red.

6. The King's Answer
Oh! What happened to the bad queen,
She will never, anymore, be seen.
She was considering it as a fun,
It is found, whatever she had done.
She tried to gain the fame,
But she has lost her game.
The bad ones try to make fortune,
But they have to suffer soon.
The good ones always forgive,
The goodness will ever live.
God has saved the life of princess,
The efforts of devil are gone useless.

7. Mother
Mum is the greatest blessing of Lord,
It is said himself by the greatest God.
In her lap, I don't feel any fear,
Otherwise, I have to shed the tear.
Mum is very kind and polite,
In the darkness, she is a light.
The love of mum is a great treasure,
There is not any balance to measure.
In her lap, you feel brave and bold,
She is better than diamond and gold.
Just to provide you comfort and ease,
She sacrifices her rest and peace.
To keep you away from any tease,
She sacrifices her rest and ease.
Without her, you shed the tear,
Every second becomes a year.
I feel heaven in her lap,
Better than peace in the nap.
No one can give you any harm,
She is like a safety and alarm.
She is awake when you sleep,
Her love is very vast and deep.
In her lap, you feel peace and rest,
like a nestling in the nest.
It is a misery without her.
what is life without a mother!

8. My Cat
Pitpit is my cat.
It likes to eat the rat.
It likes to play and run.
It enjoys its fun.
Its fur is like the silk.
It likes to drink the milk.
When it is in a good mood
It likes to eat lot of food.

9. Parking
Please don't park your car here,
The parking dogs are wandering there.
Even if you are still parking,
You will have to face the barking.
Some times they may bite,
Even they are not on right.
There are not hard regulations or rules,
You will have to pay the fools.
Even if the car is not on yellow line,
You will have to pay the fine.
It is their only mission,
How to earn maximum commission?
Either you are in trouble or ease,
Their mission is to cause the tease,
They have not attended the schools,
You will have to pay the fools.
There is an easy way to trace,
All of them have very ugly face.
But you can't find an escaping chance,
They will approach to you at once.
Their manners are like mules,
You will have to pay the fools.
They don't have any care,
Even you shed the tear.
The game is always their,
Either you are wrong or fair.
End of the day they win the pools,
You will have to pay the fools.

10. Poem For Children

Pinky Pinky little bear,
He is very kind and fair.
He is very brave and bold,
His life is like the brighter gold.
He likes to eat the fish,
That is his favourite dish.
He loves to dance and play,
When it is a sunny day.
Some times he becomes a dumb,
When he does not listen to his mum.
Then he says sorry to his mother,
When there is not any other.
His life is like a flower,
It is more sweet than sour.

11. Snow White
We are happy to see the king,
Therefore we are going to sing.
It is a very lucky chance,
So we all want to dance.
It is a very great pleasure,
Better than getting a treasure.
We are happy to see the scene,
So we forget what is done by the queen.
The bad ones commit the sin,
The good ones always win.
This is the law of nature,
Either it is past, present or future.
Whoever will do badness,
Will always suffer sadness.
They will always have to suffer,
Their hereafter will be even tougher.

12. The King's Answer
Oh! What happened to the bad queen,
She will never, anymore, be seen.
She was considering it as a fun,
It is found, whatever she had done.
She tried to gain the fame,
But she has lost her game.
The bad ones try to make fortune,
But they have to suffer soon.
The good ones always forgive,
The goodness will ever live.
God has saved the life of princess,
The efforts of devil are gone useless.

13. Lord Ahmed of Rotherham
Lord Ahmed is a great treasure
his greatness is hard to measure
His personality is very excellent
he has lot of wisdom and talent
He always tries to help the others,
therefore gets prayers of mothers.
Some times he has to sacrifice,
even at the cost of his own price.
He is completely inconsiderate,
either the others love him or hate.
He wants to get his reward,
only from the greatest Lord.
He equally respects the young or old,
he loves his rules more than gold.
He is very strict in his regulation and rule,
no one can make him fool.
He is very clean and fair,
such people are very rare.
He is following such a light,
which is leading him to great height.
All these qualities have made him great,
there is no such Muslim leader up to date.
I wish he should win every fight,
he is a great hero and knight.
He is performing great action,
he should take care of his protection.
May Allah protect him from any harm,
He should be as safe as in mother's arm.

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