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English Department offers tuition for the following:

1- KS 1/2/3
2- KS 4 (GCSE) All exam boards (AQA/EDEXCEL/OCR/WJEC/IGCSE Cambridge IGCSE EDEXCEL)*
3- 11+
4- 13+
5- SATs Booster Classes for KS 1 and KS 2 (Dec to April)
Internal Candidates (EDEXCEL)
Subjects Unit 1 Unit 2 Unit 3
English Today 20% (Controlled Assessment)
Unit 1 A: Reading Task
Unit 1 B: Writing Task
The Writer's Voice 60% (Examination)
Section A: Of Mice and Men
Section B: Writing Task

Spoken Language Study 20% (Controlled Assessment)
Unit 3 A: Speaking and Listening
Unit 3 B:
Unit 3 C: Writing for the Spoken Voice
Understanding Prose 50% (Examination)
Section A: Animal Farm
Section B: Of Mice and Men
Understanding Poetry 25% (Examination)
Section A: Unseen
Section B: Clashes and Collisions (EDEXCEL Poetry Anthology)
Shakespeare and Contemporary Drama 25% (Controlled Assessment)
Section A: Romeo & Juliet
Section B: An Inspector Calls
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