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Summer Courses

This summer, Best tutors hosting its annual summer school programme. It's a time for young people to participate in activity and academic courses. The summer programme is guaranteed to help improve your social skills and will build confidence. Each of our fun-packed courses boasts from the very best in extra-curricular activities as well as the highest quality in academia. So these innovative courses will no doubt enable students to broaden their knowledge and gain relevant skills.

Summer courses 2014:

Kids Projects:

Over the summer of 2014 the Science Boys conducted a series of programs for the GCSE students. In our first project each student was tasked with building a model based on a scientific principle. The students not only had fun building models they also gained a better understanding of the science behind it. Our students really enjoyed the whole project and participated with great enthusiasm. We had an overwhelming demand to participate in the project but due to limited time and resources we had to limit the initial batch of student to six. Based on the success of this year we plan to expand the project to include more students next summer.

Another project was participation in an international competition to design a space habitat. There was a chance to win a trip to NASA in Florida! We again saw overwhelming demand to participate. Later in this academic year we have plans to arrange a trip to the Science Museum and the Centre of the Cell where the students can experience first hand actual spacecraft that have returned from space and have fun exploring a giant sized cell whilst learning.


Science Department Offers Summer Course