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What Our Students Say About Us

Name: Ghazal Formooli
"I would like to start of with a massive thank you for making me feel ever so special in regards to the autobiography you had produced. It was an exceptional, breathtaking life story which made me appreciate majority of the things I took for granted before . In addition to that it allowed me to consider what its like to have a extreme determination towards education.
Overall it was a privilege reading it, and learning the moral of this story ,I sincerely appreciate the fact you've given me an opportunity to explain myself and for you to grasp better knowledge of who I am . My name is Ghazal  Formooli I was born in Herat, Afghanistan currently a 15 year old who is in year 10, within the next academic year I shall be going to year 11. Throughout my lifetime I've always looked up to Hadith (sayings of Prophet P.B.U.H) which have extremely motivated me, there is one in specific which is classed as my favourite by far....." The seeking of knowledge is obligatory for every Muslim. " prophet Muhammad (PBUH). My background may have not been the very best however this doesn't stop me from achieving my goals.. My mother and I, have gone through a lot of risks and difficulties facing the most hardest challenges by losing my father due to the war which was in Afghanistan, ever since then my mother has had severe injuries caused by the bomb explosions. This isn't it. Before I was officially born my mum had suffered to an extreme amount she didn't have a shelter, nor an evening meal, this implied that my mother had no kind of support, her health condition has increased in terms of anxiety pain levels (Back problem,{spinal cord}, left leg) and depression. Meanwhile having me  made the situation worse. Our relatives were reluctant to look after my mother and I as we were considered a "big responsibility" withdraw my mum going through a lot of complication by the grace of Allah we got hold of my grandmothers contact number, this was a phenomenal news at the time. Eventually over time things started to settle but my mother's health was still a critical issue, she started to experience nightmares, flashbacks, insomnia as she was diagnosed with PTSD ( post traumatic stress disorder). Over time she gradually sought treatments but she felt that this made no difference to her health. As soon as I got mature, I started to take extra care of her although I was young at the time and had no assistance, this impacted my mind in terms of seeing how much my mother had gone through and still was. I help and support my mum in any shape and form possible, reflecting on how the prophet has stated a Hadith "The Prophet Muhammad said, may Allah's peace and blessings be upon him Your Heaven lies under the feet of your mother". I'm recognised as a young career in school towards taking care of my mother. My mothers aspiration is just as high as mine as she wants the very best for me and as far as I remember her prayers always consist of these words " O,Allah grant my child every good thing that exists in this world and the hereafter". My mother's faith is very high and strong ( alhamdulilah) and she truly believes I can accomplish what I have been working years for. However due to the circumstance it's been a challenge for us to deal with the financial problems we are going through, even though we receive benefits it's still not adequate (sufficient). Majority of our thoughts are based upon how are we going to pay the next rent for the upcoming month, this is ever so stressful ! Then it comes to bill; the first thing that actually comes to the human mind is electricity, gas, water, rent. This is because in today's society its not as easy to earn money to keep you and the whole family going. All this is because of the fact that there is not a moral or physical support from a senior members like a father or a brother. As a little girl I've always dreamt of becoming a doctor based around the medical industry, it's a true passion which I still admire until this very own day. Money, fame, status (title) doesn't matter to me; even the tiniest bit. However what's important to me is helping my mother to recover & survive and initially hitting my target. I'm inspired to help those who have had the same conditions as I and my mother. I'm a solemn being when it comes to education. And personally I feel it's necessary for everyone to have serious mind aspect in terms of being educated. I consider myself very lucky by the grace of Allah as I'm not having to be brought up in an environment where there are bombs (explosives) going off. I'm really determined in order to achieve what I've been working hard for and it will be a disappointment that I didn't get to my destination, and I know that at this point I would have let myself down as well as my family who are eager to see if I've accomplished my goals. I'm only seeking an opportunity to improve myself and to take a step closer to my ambition, and I certainly found the place " Best Tutors" by the grace of Allah and inshallah with your help, I will be heading towards my direction. I found your advice significantly beneficial as no one had given me such sympathetic fatherly hope. I have surely, without doubt took on board what you had told me. I'll be looking forward to hear good news from you inshallah. I have a strong belief that you will help me by the grace of Allah. I know I have the ability by all means and promise, "TO MAKE YOU PROUD", as well as my mother, family and myself. May Allah give you posterity, success and strong faith (Imaan) in this world and hereafter. Amen inshallah. Jazakallah Khair. "
Name: Amani
"I would like to start this letter off by saying thank you for the wonderful opportunity that you have given me at Best Tutors by giving a free opportunity for three months from 07/06/15 to 30/08/15Best Tutors have helped me so much especially in science as I am struggling. If I continue at Best Tutors I will do so well in school and improve throughout the years.The experience has been wonderful and the teachers are amazing! Learning is fun and having a tuition is so much more helpful and I can not thank you enough for my education.Please let me stay at my tuition as I want to learn and in the future I want to get A*s in my GCSEs. May Allah reward you for everything you did for me.If my mum was alive she would be able to pay but unfortunately she can not. Also my dad is not with me, so he can not pay either. Please consider me as your daughter so I become a very useful person of the society by becoming a qualified person otherwise my life would be a waste and I will be a burden or trouble for myself and the society. I hope you will consider my application and give me the opportunity to continue at Best Tutors. "
Name: Khadar Sulub
"I came from Somalia at the age of 11 years-old and I did not know English. I was struggling as I was put into a class according to my age but not according to my knowledge in a local public school. I was completely beffed as I was unable to comprehend anything what the teachers were teaching. To be honest it was a night mare for me to attend that school. Every class and every day was proving to be huge burden and it was inceasing on daily basis.  I was thinking like a presoner who had no say who did not know what to do and where to go. My life was getting hell for me.  Fortunately my sister realised the situation and took me to Best Tutors. In Best Tutors, first of all the admission office took my tests of English, Maths and science and started my lessons according to my ability and knoweldge rather than age. The work asigned to me was very easy and I really started enjoying my work. . In Best Tutors, the atmosphere was different, the teaching sessions enabled me to progress immensely. The teachers were vigorous, Enthusiastic and wholehearted. The method of teaching was innovative and dynamic.  Everyone around me was zealous to learn and move forward. All that created a new energy in me. Every day I was waiting to go to Best Tutors. My confidence boosted up and I started climing up the ladder of knowledge very swiftly and smoothly. End of the day I managed to pass my GCSEs. My successful GCSE results have enabled me to progress onto A-Levels and University. Also my sister could not afford all the tuition fees so Dr Nazir put part of the fees as loan which added up to GBP 10,272 which I cleared up by working with Best Tutors part time along with my own A-levels. On 03/04/2016, when all dues were cleared, Dr Nazir was kind enough to refund GBP 1224 as a recgnition of my hard work which I really appreciate and it will always remain in my good memories. I want to sincerely thank all the tutors that I have come across at Best Tutors and most importantly to Dr Nazir for encouraging me to really step up and develop as an individual. Whatever I am today and whatever I will be in future, there is a vital role of Best tutors. "
Name: Zakaria Jama
"I am writing this to reflect on the 3 years I have been at Unique Sixth Form (Best Tutors) and how attending the school has allowed me to aim high and to be able to achieve my potential. Before, I enrolled at Unique Sixth Form I went to the sixth form at my secondary school called Oasis Academy Hadley. I shortly left as I was unable to ask my teacher as much questions as I wanted to and on top of this, the work which I had to do in lessons did not challenge me enough so my knowledge of the topic I was learning was not able to be deepened. So I then moved to unique sixth form where I met very passionate and engaging teachers. Also, the small classroom size allowed my teachers to provide work tailored to my needs and on top of this I was able to have more time discussing the work with my teachers. During my time in Unique Sixth Form I was able to achieve As in all my A level subjects which were Maths, Further Maths, chemistry and Physics. In the second year I am predicted 4 A*s in each of the subjects which I should hopefully achieve this august. Furthermore, I am fortunate to also hold an offer from Cambridge University to study Chemical Engineering. During my life, things were not all bright as I lost my Father when I was in Year Eleven and with that I lost the person who pushed me to succeed In education which meant keepingon top of my work was hard. Looking back at these two years to see how much of a person I have changed. It truly demonstrates the pinnacle importance unique sixth form is for its students.Very rarely do we acknowledge the role people who would us, shape us and help us to achieve our potential. So I am concluding this letter by saying I want to thank Dr Nazir for his willing support. "
Name: Emmanuel O Joshua
"I would love to give a brief of my time spent in Best Tutors. As a person I left better than when I arrived, academically and socially. A child attending a tutor center has an obvious goal at a particular subject and getting good grades, after all that is what parents pay for.bBut my experience was slightly different at Best tutors. I came out not just with good grades but with an appreciation for two things that make Best Tutors stand out: Diligence and Diversity. Diligence can be described as the ability to work hard with careful and thorough planning. This is exactly what every staff of Best Tutors embodied during my stay.Right from the Head of the school: Dr. Nazir to the man at the Front desk.This virtue was daily, unfailingly instituted into the students with actions and words. The attitude of every teacher at Best Tutors kept you motivated and excited to learn day in and day out.; Not just motivated but apprehensive and willing to go the extra mile in a bid to match the achievements of previous students.This attitude passed on to the students from the teachers made most students extremely capable completing task in as short time as possible.I, for one completed my GCSE/IGCSE syllabus in four months against the advice of those around me. I was motivated and showed due diligence in the preparation of my exams and came out with very good results. During the learning period, a characteristics of Best Tutors that did not go unnoticed by me was the diversity. Diverse people, diverse backgrounds, diverse religions. Imagine growing up, schooling till teenage hood and having not met someone from Kosovo and Albania, well that was me.!But meeting someone from an Eastern European country is not what made me love the place. It was getting to know the experiences and views of people very different from me and still respecting those views or opinions. I am a Christian but that did not change the way I was treated in comparison to other Muslim students.In fact, the teachers and students were willing to learn from me.I mean, who does not to know why Christians pray to the Father, Son and the Holy Spirit? I had my own moments getting to know that Somalia and Somaliland were different countries and meeting someone from Antigua (a country I did not even know existed) were some of the moments that made me appreciate the diversity that existed in Best Tutors.
Karishma Patel Name: Saffina Ayoub
"After graduating from university, I wanted to pursue a career in teaching. At the time it was impossible as a grade C in mathematics was essential. As at 16 I had only achieved a Grade D in GCSE Maths. Thinking about retaking GCSE maths after 7 years was terrifying as I thought I would not ever be able to achieve a grade C or above. I was informed about Best tutors and was told about the excellent service in education that they provide by a friend. There fore in October I applied to retake my GCSE Maths and was given an opportunity to retake my maths at the intuition. At the beginning I felt very scared as I was an older student, but the friendly staff and students never made me feel lonely and left out, as I was retaking my maths after 7 years. At the beginning I found maths hard, but the way the teachers at best tutors tutored me made me enjoys maths and be motivated to learn and obtain a grade C in maths. The learning materials provided at best tutors was outstanding as I found it easier to understand maths and numbers which I found very hard in previous times. The learning styles and strategies that the staff provided at the intuition was excellent as I was able to get the one to one support and help when I had difficulties understanding maths. After months of tuition and help from friendly staff I re sat my maths and achieved a grade C in GCSE maths. On the day of the results I was very surprised that I had achieved a grade C. I just could not believe it that it was really my result paper as I thought I had failed. I personally believe that I would not have ever achieved a grade C in maths if it was not for the support of the teachers and the excellent learning materials at Best tutors, as well as the one to one tuition lessons. If it was not for best tutors I would not have been able to pursue my carer in teaching. I would recommend every student to come and study at best tutors as the help and support provided from the teachers at this intuition is out standing and very welcoming. Also Best tutors is a diverse intuition in education, as every body is welcome to study here no matter what race, religion or gender or age you are. As I always had issues in obtaining admission as I was retaking maths after 7 years. Therefore I would recommend Best tutors to every individual who wants to pursue their careers and dreams in passing their GCSEs no matter after how many years later it really is. As our fear in retaking our GCSEs is always going to be a successful challenge when studying at Best Tutors. I wish to carry this message to all mature students that why not come along and see it for your self, that yes no matter after how many years you retake your GCSE Maths, you will always be successful in passing at Best tutors. There fore come along to the tuition centre and see it for your self.
Karishma Patel Name: Emma Bitton
"I came to Best Tutors to re-sit my mathematics GCSE which I thought was going to always be impossible for me to ever achieve. The help and support I got from all teachers at Best Tutors was overwhelming. They helped me to believe that I could get pass my fear of mathematics and achieve at least C grade. In order for me to follow my dream and go to university. I thoroughly enjoyed my time at Best Tutors, I had a fantastic experience and lovely time. The teachers were very helpful when I was stuck and thought that I could never do this. Best Tutors overall enabled me to never give up and that your dreams can always be made possible. On the day of result, I could not believe that it was my result card. I asked three time the head teacher, "Are you sure, there is no other Emma in your school". He replied, "How can there be other Emma with the same surname and same date of birth". Then I believed that I have passed my exam that I failed in 2003 first time and long time had passed, so I was completely hopeless and had no confidence that I could pass. I wish to carry this message to all hopeless students to come to Best Tutors to bring their dreams come true."
Karishma Patel Name: Shuja Ali Khokhar
"I left school and college with low grade in Mathematics for some reason I could not grasp all the working out. My parents would always push me to try harder but in vain. My father always said, I don't understand why I'm not doing well in Mathematics because as a young boy I was very good in calculations and general mathematics. I finished college in first position in my class achieving 390 UCAS points equivalent to 3 A-levels but no mathematics which I required to be able to join unit and course of my choice. I decided to find an institute to help achieve my goal. I looked into many different institutions and finally decided on Best Tutors. I came and met with teachers who really encouraged me. They used simple methods and some times with humour. They made sure I fully understand what I was taught and never showed any annoyance at me repeatedly asking for explanations. I went to Best Tutors hoping for a C grade to be able to entre university. however, Best Tutors advised me to work hard and try for more higher grades. I started expecting B grade. I always worked hard and listened to my teachers, did the entire home work that was thrown at me and entered examination. On the big day, I was shaking in my boots like anyone else and felt relieved when it was all over. Everyone predicted I would get a B grade but my result came as A, it blew my mind."
Karishma Patel Name: Abdul Latif Ismail
"Since the past five years I have been attending BEST TUTORS, it has enabled me to progress tremendously. I enjoy attending the institute because of its vibrant environment and the attitude all the students have towards their education. Most of my earlier education has been based in BEST TUTORS, allowing me to work more effectively as well as efficiently outside school hours, permitting me to achieve the grades that I have. One thing excellent about BEST TUTORS is that the teachers push their students to strive to achieve to the best of their potential, and allow the students to enhance their key fundamentals to understand the difficult topics with ease. This then makes the students want to study more and as well as learning they enjoy what they do."
Usman Mirza Name: Usman Mirza
"Best Tutors is a tuition centre like no other. I spent two years as a student and three years as a part-time tutor at Best Tutors. I have many fond memories of my time there, not only because of their excellent teaching enabling me to obtain outstanding results in my A-levels but also because I made great friends whilst there. After my A-levels, I graduated with a first class honours degree in Mathematics from University College London (UCL). Currently, I am a postgraduate student at the Haas School of Business, University of California Berkeley, studying Financial Engineering. I sincerely believe that the help and support I received as a A-level student from Best Tutors is one of the reasons I have been succeed in Higher Education"
Karishma Patel Name: Navid Choudhury
"After 3 months of studying A-Level Mathematics in College I was sent a letter home informing my parents that it would be advisable for me to drop Mathematics. Best Tutors took me under its wing and as a result I achieved an A in my January exam compared to the U grade I achieved previously. The teachers at my college were shocked. I successfully attained an A grade in A-Level Mathematics from Best tutors, which was the paramount route which helped me in getting into Manchester University where I now study Civil Engineering. This is a result from the dedicated hard work from the A-Level Mathematics Department who cultivated learning and ignited in me passion, drive and initiative. I have a lot to thank them for as this was the toughest year I have endeavoured."
Karishma Patel Name: Hamza Ibn Khalil
"The teaching style at Best Tutors is totally different from other centres. Teaches usually teach only 3 to 4 students at once and keep the same students every week. This lets them identify each student’s strength and weaknesses, and adjust their teaching style to help each individual achieve their own potential. I owe my results because of the Best Tutors dedicated teacher and I am sincerely thankful to all of them. My time at Best Tutors not only got me through my exams but also taught me many key skills that I will value for the rest of my life. They give their students a drive for success and their passionate teachers help motivate the students to study independently as well as uphold good moral values. Their friendly students and staff work unbelievably hard to maintain the high standard, and I recommend all student to come and see how they achieve such amazing result."
Ran Ju Name: Hamza Hussain
"The A-Level mathematics teachers in Best Tutors are the best, I have ever seen. Their unrivalled abilities bring out the best in students and are the key to success. With their help, dedication and unique approach to teaching, I have achieved an A* in A-Level Maths in year 11. Not only do they teach you a syllabus and papers for exams, they teach you moral values and prepare you for the rest of life as well. The quality of teaching and motivation provided here by other students and teachers enable students to achieve what some may not think possible. Their approach is for super and emphasis is on getting the best out of each and every student."