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World Records



Zulifqar Mansoor Ali has got 6A*, 25A, 3B and 1C is one of our A-Levels World Record Holder student currently studying in University of Cambridge. He has received more than 70% off for his tuition fee because of his incredible results.

Sr No Subject Grades
1 General Studies A*
2 Biology A*
3 Chemistry A*
4 Law A*
5 Psychology A*
6 Urde A*
7 Economics & Business A
8 Applied Psychology A
9 Oral Urde A
10 Pure Mathematics A
11 Physics A
12 English Literature A
13 English Language A
14 Marine Science A
15 General Paper A
16 Further Maths A
17 Mathematics A
18 Core Maths A
19 Business Studies A
20 Economics A
21 Sociology A
22 Urdu Language A
23 Thinking Skills A
24 Religious Studies A
25 Applied Geography A
26 Government & Politics A
27 Critical Thinking A
28 Philosophy A
29 Anthropology A
30 English Language & Literature A
31 Information Technology A
32 Geography B
33 Accounting B
34 Citizenship Studies B
35 General Further Maths C


Talal Almas has achieved 22 A*'s and 4A's (O Levels, IGCSE's and GCSE's) in Year 11.

Sr No Subject  Grade 
1 Physics A*
2 Chemistry A*
3 Biology A*
4 Math's A*
5 Human Biology A*
6 Additional Maths A*
7 World Affairs A*
8 Travel and Tourism A*
9 Economics A*
10 Business A*
11 Accounting A*
12 English Language A*
13 English Literature A*
14 Global Citizenship A*
15 Combined Science A*
16 Statistics A*
17 21st Century Science A*
18 Geography A*
19 ICT A*
20 Psychology A*
21 Commerce A*
22 Religious Studies A*
23 Urdu A
24 Design Technology A
25 Environmental Management A
26 Sociology A


Talal Almas has achieved 9 A*'s (A-Levels) in Year 12 & 3 A's in Year 13 

Sr No Subject Grade
1 International Math's A*
2 Psychology A*
3 Electronics A*
4 Geography A*
5 Environmental Science A*
6 International Chemistry A*
7 International Biology A*
8 Further Maths A*
9 Human Biology A*
10  Math's A
11 Pure Math's A
12 Urdu A


Year 9 & 10 Record

Onisa Naing (Ref: 5576) has achieved 22A*,s and 2A in GCSE Year 9 & 10.

Year 7 (2011)
1 Maths A*
Year 8 (2012)
A-Levels (C1) 97% 
Year 9 (2013)
2 Physics A*
3 IGCE Physics A*
4 Chemistry A*
5 IGCSE Chemistry A*
6 Biology A*
7 IGCSE Biology A*
8 IGCSE Math's (Cambridge) A*
9 IGCSE Math's A (Edexcel) A*
10 IGCSE Math's B (Edexcel) A*
11 Further Pure Math's A*
12 Cambridge O-Levels Statistics A*
13 IGCSE Further Pure Maths A*
14 Additional Maths (OCR) A
Year 10 (2014)
15 Camb IGCSE Maths  A*
16 Methods in Maths A*
17 Human Biology A*
18 Coordinated Science A*
19 Double Award (Science) A*
20 Statistics EDEXCEL A*
21 Human Health & Physiology A*
22 Geography A*
23 French A*
24 Foundation of Advanced Maths A

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Saffina Ayoub

(Graduate in Business Studies)
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