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Best Tutors Admission Process
1- Parents Arrive at 1st Floor Admission Department.
2- Information desk will provide admission form.
3- Fill the admission form.
4- Students assessment test will be taken.
5- Test will be marked by the Head of Dept/Supervisor.
6- Recommendation of the Hours and Books will be given to parents.
7- Plan for Days, Price and No of weekly hours will be given.
8- Authorisation will be done by Head Teacher.
9- Form will be handed to parents for payment on 2nd floor.
10- Parents will be provided the receipt and the timetable for the students.
11. ID card will be provided during the first week of the admission in the lesson.
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Best Tutors Terms & Conditions
General Information

1. Once the admission procedure is finalised, students will collect books from accounts office. Please note that all book are provided by Best Tutors and student do not need to bring any other books.
2. Students will be provided a photo ID card during the first week in Best Tutors. A New ID card cost GBP 2.00 and must be occupied by all students at all-time particularly during the lesson time. If students failed to present ID card during Lesson, an admin fee 50p will be charged. However if student loses or damages ID card, it will cost GBP 2.00 for a new ID card.
3. If a student miss any lesson for some reason, Best Tutors do not charge(If not Fixed) the missing lessons as long as student inform Best Tutors in time on 0208 807 4170 General Enquiries. Missing hours can be taken during holiday's time as a compensation.
4. If any student does not want to take compensation hours rather wants to adjust into fees, in that case we will charge admin fees, which is 1/6 deduction of their missing hours.
5. The student teacher ratio is 3:1, it is never more than 4 students with 1 teacher.
6. For every 5-6 teachers there is a supervisor and for 3-4 supervisors there is a head supervisor.
7. There is a Head of the department for every department
8. Approximately every 4 to 6 weeks' time, Best Tutors contact parents regarding student's progress.
9. Parents are not allowed in class rooms during lesson time.
10. Parents are advised to discuss any matters relating student's progress with supervisors only.

1. Admission Form

a. By signature on the admissions form, all agree to the following terms & conditions of Private Tuition Services Ltd T/A Best Tutors of 1-19 Wakefield Road, London, N18 2BZ, Company No. 5142566.
b. The terms "you" "your" "customer" "parent/guardian" are referring to you. "We" "us" "our" "Best Tutors" "the Company" refer to Private Tuition Services Ltd.
c. The admissions form & these terms and conditions constitutes the contract between the parties being the student and/or his parents or guardian(s) and Best Tutors.
d. The headings contained in the Agreement are for convenience only and do not affect their interpretation.
e. Acceptance of a student for enrolment is at the discretion of Best Tutors. A student must satisfy the requirements of Best Tutors (by taking an assessment) that his or her level of work and behaviour have reached Best Tutors standards.
f. By enrolling with Best Tutors the parent authorises Best Tutors and/or its representatives to publish photographs and materials relating to the student's enrolment e.g. exam results, in all territories for the purposes of publicity and promotion without restriction unless otherwise explicitly agreed.
g. Best Tutors reserves the right to modify tuition fees from time to time (reasonable notice will be given to the parties concerned).
h. We may modify any of the terms and conditions within this Agreement at any time and at our sole discretion, such change to be given at least 30 days' notice. If any of the modifications are unacceptable to you, your only recourse is to terminate the students' enrolment at Best Tutors. If your child is still enrolled at Best Tutors beyond 30 days after the notice, it will be considered as your acceptance of the change.
i. Parents are required to notify the office of any change of address, contact details & whether the student suffers from any medical conditions.

2. Tuition Fees

a. Tuition fees are usually calculated on an hourly tuition fee rate and will vary depending on subject(s) level(s) Day(s) Timing(s) etc. undertaken.
b. The method and frequency of payment is stipulated in the admissions form. Payment structures are as follows:
1- Pay as you go: pay full tuition fee rate for classes attended. No compensation, refund or adjustment in fee for authorised/unauthorised absence(s).
Standard Discount: pay a discounted tuition fee rate. All authorised absence(s) will be compensated during the holidays, term breaks or otherwise specified in clause 6.
3- Fixed Discount:
a further fee discount than the standard discount. Payment to be made whether classes attended or not. No compensation, refund or adjustment in fee for any authorised or unauthorised absence(s) subject to clause 6 (a). A minimum of 6 months contract. Breach of this clause will result in the fixed discount rate becoming void and the full tuition fee rate being payable for entire or future duration of the contract unless otherwise agreed.
Half Fixed Discount: as above however any refund, compensation or adjustment in fee to be capped at 50%.
c. If fixed hours and tuition fees have been agreed, and either have been subsequently reduced; the hourly tuition fee rate may increase and any discount given may become invalid.
d. For more information about tuition fees, how to pay and tuition fee rates please speak to a member of the admissions team.

3. Examinations Fees

a. All tuition/admission fees, deposits and/or charges as set out in clause 2 and 4 of these terms and conditions; exclude amounts payable to the professional bodies for student registration, exemptions and examination entries, which are (except as otherwise stated) payable by the student and Best Tutors accepts no responsibility for these.
b. Any internally assessed examination and computer based examination fees are payable by the student/parent and are non-refundable and non-transferable. Any such fees may include disbursements payable to the relevant examining body and a handling fee charged by Best Tutors.
c. It is the responsibility of the student/parent(s) to ensure that exam entry form(s) are completed 3 months prior to the start of the examination period. Best Tutors will endeavour to display relevant exam entry deadlines for each awarding body on its notice boards.
d. Exam entry(s) should clearly state each exam(s) the student would like to be entered for.
e. It is the responsibility of the student/parent(s) to ensure exam entries are processed in a timely manner and to obtain a statement of entry before the deadline from the Exams Office.
f. Student/parent(s) will be charged late entry fee if forms are submitted after the deadline.
g. Acceptance of any exam entries is at the absolute discretion of Best Tutors.
h. For more information about exams and fees please visit our website

4. Admission Fees, Deposits & Charges

a. Best Tutors charge the following whenever applicable:
1- A non-refundable admission fee of GBP 5 for each admission.
A refundable deposit of GBP 50 ( up to year 9 ) and GBP 100 ( Year 10 to Year 13 and for 11+/13+) charged at the time of admission, refunded when the student's account is closed at Best Tutors.
- Late fee payment charged at the full tuition fee rate.
GBP 2.00 for an ID card charged at the time of admission. For replacement cards there will be an additional cost of GBP 2 and 50p administration charge for failing to produce an ID card.
5- For each late fee reminder there will be a 50p administration charge.

All stationery, including books and other writing materials will be charged separately.
b. Best Tutors reserves the right to withhold deposit until all payments have been cleared, this includes but is not limited to payment of fees, stationery, books or administration charges.

5. Concessions

Private Tuition Services Limited T/A Best Tutors (Company No. 5142566).

Best Tutors may award at its absolute discretion concessions for staff with children studying at Best Tutors and/or parents with more than 1 student enrolled at Best Tutors.

6. Refund, Compensation Classes & Adjustment in Fees

a. In rare cases Best Tutors may refund fees or momentarily freeze accounts (so no payments would be deducted or made) for booked classes where an unavoidable mishap has occurred directly affecting the student. This includes but is not limited to injury, severe illness, disability, death or bereavement.
b. Any absence without 24 hours prior notice will be deemed unauthorised.
c. Students/parents will not be eligible for refund(s)/compensation class (es)/adjustment in fee(s) in cases of unauthorised absences but may be liable full tuition fee rate.
d. The Company reserves the right to retain/demand payment for classes missed due to unauthorised absence.
e. Any authorised absence can be compensated in the form of a compensation class (es).
f. Compensation class (es) can be booked during half-term, Christmas, Easter & summer breaks or specific class slots.
g. Compensation class (es) may be used for any subject of the student's choice provided the student is enrolled for that particular subject.
h. An adjustment of 1/4 of the fee can be made where a parent does not wish to use compensation classes.

i. A total of up to 40 hours can be adjusted in fee, only once during an academic year. An academic year runs from 1st September to 31st August.

7. Cancellation/Termination

a. Best Tutors reserves the right to cancel an enrolment and allocate the place to another applicant in cases of non-payment of tuition fees, 2 weeks unauthorised absence, unacceptable misconduct (on part of the student/parent or representative of the student or parent) or due to any material breach of contract by the student or parent.
b. No fees or deposits will be refunded where a student's enrolment has been cancelled under clause 7(a).
c. In accordance with Clause 7 (a) re-enrolment will cost GBP 10 subject to availability and acceptance from Best Tutors.
d. Any cancellation or termination made by Best Tutors of the contract will be made in writing.
e. If the parent wishes to terminate the contract they should approach the admissions team who will forward them the necessary paper work.
f. Enrolment may also be cancelled where termination date has been specified in the admissions form.

8. Classes

Best Tutors reserves the right to alter courses or programmes, tutors or speakers, dates or locations and/or to cancel or change lessons at its discretion.

9. Student Conduct

Please refer to the Student/Parent Handbook accessible from

10. HMRC Childcare Customer

Best Tutors have stopped providing HMRC from 14-03-2017.

11. Force Majeure

Best Tutors shall not be liable for any breaches of its obligations under this Agreement resulting from causes beyond its reasonable control including but not limited to Acts of natural disasters, enemy, fire, flood, explosion or other catastrophes.

12. Staff Abuse

Abuse of staff will not be tolerated at any cost. It can be resulted as refusal of admission.

13. Unauthorised Absence

Unauthorised absence for more than 2 weeks can result in termination of admission.

14. Liability

a. Students/parents will be held responsible for any loss, theft or damage to Best Tutors property however caused by them and will fully indemnify Best Tutors against resulting liabilities and expenses.
b. Best Tutors does not provide any guarantee or accept any responsibility or liability for the following:
1- Students outside Best Tutors premises

The safekeeping of exam results or certificates,
Exam/coursework/controlled assessment or other results,
4- Availability of the service Best Tutors provides or space within a course or class,

Any losses, damages for death or personal injuries or consequential loss accept those resulting from Best Tutors negligence or breach of duty.
c. Best Tutors reserves the right to recover any overdue fees, charges or other monies, as part of its debt recovery process. In these circumstances your liability to pay may be increased by additional fees and charges such as the cost of taking the matter to court or instructing debt collectors,
d. In all cases the decision of the Head teacher will be final and binding.

15. Disclaimer

a. Our prospectus, adverts, social media and website are not contractual documents. While Best Tutors endeavours to ensure that the information on these mediums are correct, we do not warrant the accuracy and completeness of the material on them. We may make changes to the material on the site or to the services, products and prices described in it at any time without notice.
b. The material on the site/adverts is provided "as is", without any conditions, warranties or other terms of any kind. Accordingly, to the maximum extent permitted by law, Best Tutors site is provided on the basis that we exclude all representations, warranties, conditions and other terms (including, without limitation, the conditions implied by law of satisfactory quality, fitness for purpose and the use of reasonable care and skill) which apart from this legal notice might have effect in relation to the Best Tutors site.

16. Miscellaneous

a. Best Tutors does not provide parking facilities. All unauthorised vehicles parked inside the car park will be clamped.
Private Tuition Services Limited T/A Best Tutors (Company No. 5142566) Revised on 02.07.2013
b. Best Tutors over time is likely to undergo a number of changes, whether internally such as class size, staff or premises changes or externally such as mergers or reorganisation. For these reasons the benefit and burden of this agreement may be freely assigned to another party at the discretion of Best Tutors. It is not practicable to consult with parents and students over every change that may take place. Whenever practicable Best Tutors will use reasonable endeavours to ensure that parents will be informed.
c. If any words above or in combination infringe the Unfair Terms in Consumer Contracts Regulations 1999 or any other provision of law, they shall be treated as severable and shall be replaced with words which give as near the original meaning as may be fair.

17. Data Protection

Parents' consent to Best Tutors obtaining, processing and holding "personal data" including "sensitive personal data" such as medical information to be processed lawfully and fairly in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998, for the purposes of safeguarding and promoting the welfare of the student(s) and ensuring that all relevant legal obligations of Best Tutors and parents are complied with.

18. Jurisdiction

These terms and conditions are governed exclusively by English law.

19. Declaration

I declare that the information given on the admissions form is true and accurate to the best of my knowledge. I understand that any false, inaccurate or misleading information given on the admissions form may make this application void. I have understood and accepted the above Terms & Conditions. (Revised on 20-09-2017)