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Internal/Private Students

Students who have been studying at the centre for more than 3 months will fall under the category of Internal Candidate and will be required to pay an exam fee under this category. It is the students responsibility to notify the exams office that s/he will be taking the exams with us at the time of admission.

 Students who want to use Best Tutors as an exam centre only, will fall under the category of Private Candidate and will be liable to pay administration costs in addition to the normal exam fee.

 Fee details for both Internal Students and Private Students has been provided in the table below

Coursework and Practical's

The following coursework and practicals are available:

> GCSE Double Award Science Coursework (B713 and B723) OCR exam board only

> GCSE Triple Award Science Coursework (B733, B743 and B753) OCR exam board only

> GCSE English Language (5EH01 and 5EN03) Edexcel exam board only

> GCSE English Literature (5ET03) Edexcel exam board only

> A-Level Biology (F213 and G216) OCR exam board only

> A-Level Chemistry (F323 and F326) OCR exam board only

> A-Level Physics (G483 and G486) OCR exam board only

Private Candidates who wish to enter for a coursework or practical(s) must be registered with Best Tutors as a student. This is to ensure that the exams system requirement is met and to verify the authenticity of the candidates work. Any candidate who has completed work that is not under the supervision of Best Tutors will not be accepted nor will it be sent to the exam board.

If you want to book a coursework or practical that is not on the list, please call us on 020 8807 4170 ext 3 for further information.

Exam Time Table

[+] Jan 2017 (NEW)
- Time Table for Oct-Nov 2017

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Fee Details

These prices are applicable before the first deadline and may change depending on availability and circumstances.

Payment can only be made by Cash, Bank Transfer or Debit Card. For Bank transfer, please find the details below:

          Account Title: Unique Sixth Form

          Bank Name: HSBC PLC

          Sort Code: 40-07-15

          Account Number: 41627066

 Please write your full name as a transaction reference.

Application Process

To register for an examination both internal and private candidates are required to see Exams Officer in person with the Exams Form that can be download from our website or can also be obtained from the Exams Office. Exams Form must be submitted along with the required documents stated in the documents section and appropriate fee to the Exam Officer before the deadline. Candidates will be charged late entry fee if forms are submitted after the deadline. It is the responsibility of the candidate to make sure that the entries are processed and obtain statement of entry before the deadline from the Exams Office.

Documents Required

Candidates must provide following documents in order to process their exam entries;

- Examination Form
- A Valid ID (Passport only)
- Unit Codes and Option Codes
- Passport Size Photograph
- Unique Candidate Identifier (UCI) - if available
- Payment Receipt (Fee can be paid by Cash or Debit Card only)

Note: If you need more information about the examination process, please email us at or call us at 020 8807 4170 ext. 3
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