Covid-19 Policies

Implementing protective measures in education centre

Information Guidelines for parents and carers


To adhere to the latest government guidance and to protect the spread of virus, we confirm that we have implemented the following protective measures in our Education and childcare settings

Protocols & Procedures

  • In order to control the flow of people in the building only certain number of parents/visitors are allowed at a time. Parents are encouraged to book an appointment before their arrival.
  • Students sent home from school for isolation or according to the government guideline, if they are advised to stay in quarantine on their return from a country are not permitted to attend the classes until their quarantine period is over.
  • Everyone is subject to a temperature check before their entrance to the building.
  • Visitors and parents sign the log book, sanitise their hands before the entrance.
  • Wearing a mask at all times is compulsory for parent/students and visitors.
  • Students and staff are strongly advised and educated to minimise contact with individuals who are unwell and ensure that those who have coronavirus (COVID-19) symptoms or who have someone with the symptoms in their household, to not attend/ not to come to the centre.
  • Alcohol hand rub or sanitiser are provided in each class for students and also at the entrance of each floor.
  • Social distancing guidelines are displayed throughout the building.
  • Classroom Layout and schedules have been altered to minimise mixing and gathering of students i.e. staggered break times etc.
  • To avoid face to face contact, one-way system across corridors has been introduced with direction labelled on the floors.
  • To maintain Social distancing separate doors have been allocated for exit and entrance.
  • Provision of frequent cleaning in mostly touched and used areas is ensured by using standard products, such as detergents and bleach.
  • All necessary PPE is provided to members of staff to protect the spread of virus.