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The excellence awards from house of parliment by Lord Nazir Ahmed on 30.06.2010

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Best Tutors Student

Zulifqar Ali has set a world record by achieving

6A* 25A 3B 1C

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Award Ceremony 2015

Annual Award Ceremony 2015 on 18 Sep 2015.

Another World Record By Best Tutors

Saifullah Ansari has scored 10A*'s, 12A and 1B in GCSE,  IGCSE in Year 9.

GCSE World Record

Onaisa Naing has got 28A*'s and 3A in GCSE 2015.

World Record in A-Levels

World Record set by Best Tutors Student Talal Almas  set up a World Record by achieving 9A*, 3A in A-Levels.
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As the Director of Best Tutors, I work with highly qualified and specialist teachers who undertake to provide a productive and enthusiastic experience in education for the students. In doing so, all the teachers are committed to provide the academic, social, moral and personal well being development to the students offered in this institution as well as enjoy the caring commitment of all faculty. I take pride in the fact that it is because of the students academic achievements that you may consider joining Best Tutors. I and our dedicated teachers are looking forward to welcoming you in the centre. Students have the opportunity to select desired subjects from the range of interesting courses that are offered in this institution as well as enjoy the caring commitment of all faculty.  Dr. Nazir Ahmed (Director)...
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