Education Consultancy

If you are an existing school or tuition centre or you are planning to open one please contact us to improve your existing set up or to start a best set up from scratch.


We provide the following:

  1. Teacher’s training.
  2. Resources.
  3. Computer based student management system.
  4. Fees management.
  5. Test and test record style of the student.
  6. How to get register with exam boards like Edexcel, OCR, AQA etc.
  7. Improving teaching standards.
  8. Teachers management.
  9. Teachers management accounts.
  10. Account and accounts management.
  • Dr Nazir Ahmed GBP 200 per hour.
  • Deputy Head GBP 100 per hour.
  • Any Head of Dept. GBP 50 per hour.
  • Supervisors GBP 25 per hour.
  • Teacher training GBP 10 per hour.

All of the above can be amendable by professional advice and hourly rate from GBP 50 per hour.

[email protected]