Exam Refund Policy

Refund Plicy:


 a) If you enter for an exam with us but you decide to cancel this request before it is registered with the board a 10% admin fee will be levied from the refund.

 b) If the entry has been registered with the exam board and you then wish to withdraw before their amendment period has passed, a 75% refund is payable. 25% deduction as an admin fee.

c) Withdrawals after the boards’ amendment deadline have passed, we will refund 25 % but medical reasons 75% will be refunded if the board accepted.

d) Late entries registrations will be refunded 25% only but Late fees will not refund any circumstance.

 e) If the examination is cancelled for any unseen condition by exams board, Unique sixth form will pay 75% refund fees, but students required to ask for withdrawn exam’s entry prior.

f)  Post Results Services: If you are unhappy about an exam result, you can request a review of the results. it will cost each exam paper remarking fee 75 pounds. It is important to note, “marks can go down” as well as up because of a re-mark – or “reviews of results” as exam boards. If a grade will be changed, the centre will refund 75% remarking fees.